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🤔Picking your first pair of dance heels is an exciting and sometimes confusing process.

🤪😵Which heel height? Open toe or closed toe? Which material? Boots or open shoes? When buying online, which shoe size? Etc.

📝 We decided to write a short guide here to help you with the choice.

Which type of shoes to pick?

Boots (open toe or closed toe) have a much better ankle support than sandals, as well as those are doing better a job to protect your skin from burns and scratches when doing slides, for example.

Therefore, boots with closed toes are recommended as a good all-rounder.

Which material to choose?

Patent boots would have the best support and grippy (in case you'd like to climb a pole).

Faux suede and leather provide a bit less support and generally softer. Yet could be an option for an additional pair or a certain outfit.

Which heel height, 7' or 8'? Can I use any heeled shoes?

✅ Unfortunately, we can't use just any heels. Those need to be specifically for dancing (with some exceptions, e.g. pose for a photoshoot), e.g. Pleaser shoes, Hella Heels, etc.

About heel height. We are dancing on the tip of the platform. From this point of view, 8 inch heels are better.

However, 8 inch heels require more flexibility and are slightly more difficult to use. In that case, 7 inch heels may be easier.

What about shoe size?

Patent boots tend to stretch much less, so it is advised to take those exactly your size. if you are between sizes, then one up.

Faux suede and leather do stretch more and still should be picked per your true size. If you are in between, do bear in mind that those might stretch.

Since most shoes/boots are purchased online, make sure to check the sizing table by foot length in mm/cm/inches rather just by shoe size number.

❗️To have an adequate foot length measurement, it is advised to do it at the normal room temperature during the day, and while you are standing on your leg with the full body weight.

Which colour to pick?

✅ Even though it heavily depends on your preferred dance gear, generally neutral colours visually don't cut the leg, look complimentary on everyone, and fit most outfits.

💛 Lastly, you should like your dance heels feeling comfortable in them. Ultimately, we offer recommendations based on our own experience, yet only your own preferences matter.



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