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Anna Ilaya | White Iris Dance

Breathe. Love. Dream. Create.  The rest will come along. 

Make your Life worth living. 

Hi there,

My name is Anna Ilaya Ozolina, it is very nice to e-meet you! :) 


Just a few words about myself. I am originally from Latvia and dance is my passion. I did Rhythmic gymnastics since I was 5 years old, moved to Classical and Character dance at 9, started Belly dance at 15 and Pole dance at 26.


Around that time graduated from CSN College, faculty of Art - Dance, apart from my degree from Riga Technical University. Still annually collaborate with Cork City Ballet, perform at private events and our showcases. Recently discovered another passion and work I love - Events management (completed CMIT Events Management course).


I am teaching dance for the last 16 years for a few reasons - empower, gently nudging people into the direction of getting a bit better at something than they were the day before, and sharing love for what we do.


Let's talk about you. Sounds trivially, and still Time is a very precious and irretrievable gift. We never know when when it runs out, so if you are reading this now and dancing is something you wanted to try, but never had time to fulfill your wish, let's make a deal.


You put that sports gear in your bag and I will see you at our next session. If you have a number of reasons stopping you from doing what you desire, talk to me and we'll try to make it happen! ^_^

If you are ready to go, it is awesome. Enjoy the rest of the day and can't wait to see you in class! <3 

     With love,                                         

Anna Ilaya                                   

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