Pricing & Offers



Pole Fitness | Belly Dance 


Pole Fitness and Belly Dance classes share the same paid plans, so purchased passes can be used for any session:

  • First Trial Class > 10 

  • Pay As You Go  > €15 

  • Pre-paid Class Card > €50 for 4 Sessions


For Pay As You Go plan users we have a Loyalty Card that allows to attend every 8th class for free. Again it can be used for both classes including free session of your choice.


Whether you use online payments or in cash, feel free to request a Loyalty Card from the instructor on the spot and bring it to every session you attend to get signatures for each class attended.

Stretching | Open Floor

Stretching class is an additional free service to enhance results from the regulart raining, improve flexibility and body recovery. We provide all necessary equipment for the class and you don't need to bring anything extra (unless you wish to do so).

Open Floor is another additional free service offered for self-training, preparation for a showcase, working on some moves, etc.

Both services are free, however, if you are willing to donate a small sum to help us covering some expenses (studio rent, equipment), your generosity would be highly appreaciated. Thank you in advance! <3 

Booking A Class


Please note that online payments are optional. Just to book a class please follow instructions below.

  • Booking is made in a browser​


       1. Go to Book Online page

       2. Choose a service, date and time

       3. Press Book a session - €15 

       4. Note that there is no payment,

           price €15 is for display purposes only

       5. Press Next to proceed with the booking.

  • Booking is made in the Wix App (mobile)


       1. Go to Book Online tab

       2. Choose a service, date and time

       3. Press Single Session  

       4. Note that there is no payment,

           price €15 is for display purposes only

       5. Press Pay in Person to proceed with the                           booking.

Booking Management

It is possible to book a class without registration on this website.


However, to access your booking management page, for example, to reschedule or cancel a class, a profile is necessary. Therefore, it is advised to sign up/login using Google, Facebook or your email details.


Alternatively you can use Wix Moblile app which is simple to use and have all information needed in one place.