General Questions

Q1. How to book a class?
All classes are booked via automated Wix system that also allows you to manage it (view booking history, reschedule or cancel classes).
If you are using a browser then click here and just follow instructions by choosing a class, then desired class date and time. If you are using Spaces app on your mobile device, just click "Book a class" tab and follow instructions. 
Once class is booked, you'll receive a confirmation on your email will booking details. If it is an online class, then this booking confirmation email will contain Zoom link and access password. 

2. How to reschedule or cancel a booked class?
In browser:
   > Go to your "Profile" by right-clicking on "Log In" button on the right in the main menu
   > Go to "My Bookings" or just click here
   > Find a session you would like to reschedule or cancel
   > Click on "Cancel" or "Reschedule". Done!

In Spaces mobile app: 
 Got to Spaces app and click on the third tab (       icon).
    > Click "My Bookings"
    > Choose to "Reschedule" or "Cancel" 

3. When classes in person are going to be available?
As soon as COVID-19 restrictions are eased and we are allowed to hold classes for a group of at least 4-5 students, we are planning to re-open for classes in person.

4. W
hat do I wear and what do I need for a class?
It is recommended to wear a comfortable sports clothes. For Pole Fitness and Pole Conditioning classes a short sports top and shorts. No shoes are needed for our classes. 

It would be advisable to have a bottle of water to stay hydrated during the class and a towel. 

5. How much do you classes cost?
Group Classes in Person:
   > First Trial Class - 10 EUR
   > Pay As You Go - 15 EUR
   > Pre-Paid Class Card for 4 Sessions - 50 EUR

Online Group Classes: 
   > First Trial Class - 0 EUR
   > Pay As You Go - 6 EUR
   > Pre-Paid Class Pass for 5 Sessions - 25 EUR

Online Private Classes:
   > Private Class (1h) - 20 EUR
Online Group Class recording:
   > One Session - 3 EUR
   > Pre-Paid Class Recording Pass for 4 Sessions - 9 EUR 
You can find more information on the pricing here.

6. How long are your classes?
Our classes are usually 1 hour long. 

7. Are there any age or other restrictions to attend your classes?
Anyone over 16 years old are most welcome to join our classes. No special skills required. If there are any health issues or conditions, please consult with your physician before attending a class.

8. Can I join a chosen class any time (drop in classes) or there those are courses with a certain starting date?
You can join a chosen class at any time. 

9. Is it alright to eat before the class?
It is alright to have a small snack (couple of nuts or dried fruit, an apple or any other alike food) 15-30 minutes before the class. However, it is not recommended to have a meal later than 2 hours before the class.

 Is there a chat or a group to connect with other students and instructors, get additional info and feedback on sent homework?
Yes! You are most welcome to join groups in Spaces app in the "Groups" tab and our Telegram chat


Online Classes


11. How to find a Zoom link and password for the booked class?
You will receive an one-click Zoom link and access password once a class is booked.
You can find it:
   > In your Booking confirmation email
   > In your Profile / My Bookings in browser
   > In My Bookings in Spaces app on mobile device

12. Are online classes being recorded? How can I access an online class recording?
Yes! We are recording our online group classes and would be happy to share it with you if for what ever reason you can't join a live session.

To get an Online Group Class recording, please follow steps below:
   > Go to "Book" section in browser or "Book a Class" in Spaces app
   > Choose a class you with to watch, choose a date and time
   > Click "Buy a Pricing plan" and choose "Class Recording" or "4 Class Recordings" or any Free plans you may have available.
   > Once that class recording is ready, you will receive an access link in your email Inbox. 
        !!! Recordings are available during 2 weeks from the date of the class.

All students who attend a live session automatically receive a class recording. 

13. What time zone class schedule is shown in?
Our schedule is shown in Irish time (Dublin, London time; GMT+1).

14. What do I need to join an online class?
To join an online class you would need:
   > Any device where you can run Zoom via an app (download here) or a browser (Google Chrome advised)
   > Comfortable sports outfit
   > A bit of free space in your living space depending on the class
   > For any Pole classes: access to a pole

15. Do I need access to a pole (at home or elsewhere) for online Pole Fitness/Pole Conditioning classes?
Yes, you would need access to a pole for such online classes.

16. Where can I find my bookings?
In browser you can find all your current and previous bookings in "My Bookings" section here

In Spaces app on your mobile device: 
> Got to Spaces app and click on the third tab (       icon).
   > Click "My Bookings"

17. Wrere can I find my subscriptions and payments?
browser you can find all your payments and subscriptions in "My Subscriptions" section here

In Spaces app on your mobile device:
> Got to Spaces app and click on the third tab (       icon).
> Click "My Subscriptions"

18. How can I access my account and bookings on mobile device?
You are most welcome to join White Iris Dance space in Spaces app by Wix. Download Spaces app and use this invite code YUMGI3:
   > Android
   > iPhone / iPad

19. How can I delete my account?
If you wish to delete your account, just send us a message or an email to


My Account Management