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☘️Tuesday Progressing Beginners Combo with Juliet Spin and Stag variations ☘️


  • Heron Dip

  • Juliet Spin

  • Log Roll

  • Crucifix Spin

  • Stag (optional Twisted Star)

✅️🌻 Tips:

  • Create momentum with Heron Dip and go through in the Juliet spin straight away

  • Make sure that your hand is quite high for the Juliet spin; if you have your hand too low after the Heron Dip, just regrip

  • On the Juliet spin, look at your outside foot and let the body fall into the position; you should feel a light contact between your back and the pole

  • For the Stag, go on the side of your back leg, and reach down with the inner arm and look up to reach to the pole; if you can't reach, make sure that you do look up and there is a proper pole squat to twist your body sideways.



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