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Probably it is the most common catch phrase for a lot of pole dance instructors or any dance instructors really.

One question we get quite often is why it is so important. It is such a minor thing when completing a super cool trick. Right?🤔

🤓 Well, there could be various opinions on the matter, particularly when a student is just starting pole or any other dance training.

To make it simple we like to explain it by three obvious reasons why pointed toes go before cool tricks on the scale of awesomeness:

💟 Pointed toes gives your poses and moves more polished look, more elegant lines. Pure aesthetic pleasure...

💟 When pointing your toes and correctly engaging your foot's arch, you are in control of the movement, as a result you are less prone to injuries when ascending on the pole or descending from it.

💟 When pointing your toes correctly (not scrunching!) your leg muscles are properly engaged balancing out the load when performing tricks, assists to keep the whole body in control, engage your abs, back. All of that starts by simply pointing your toes.

🎀 And one bonus reason to do it right from day one - it becomes a habit which is incredibly difficult to break after.

🧠When learning new skills, most work is done in our frontal lobes in the brain's cerebral cortex. That also includes new motor tasks which involve voluntary movement (like pointing toes). Basically, we need to think about what we are doing and how we are doing it.

Once the same motor task has been repeated many times, it becomes an "automation" which is controlled by our cerebellum.

♻️We can override this automation, but it will require more effort and time: to notice the movement every time you do it and substitute it with the correct one.

We wish you happy toe-pointing and a great day! 🤗💕🌈

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