Eco-Friendly Choices: Introduction

Any journey starts with a small step, any change starts with a thought.

By doing little we can do a lot. Doing little together, we can do even more.

>> DISCLAIMER: This blog's aim is to share experience of small changes I've made to reduce plastic and other waste in hopes to contribute at least a tiny bit to the Planet's health. All opinions expressed are my own and I have no affiliation with any of the mentioned brands. It is just an experience of an average person with a humble salary living in Cork. <<

I think we do not need to go far to see what state our planet is at the moment. Every one of us contribute to our Planet's polution one or another way, we breath, we eat, we live in a society and some things we can't just drop even though we know that those are bad for ecology.

It is easy to say: "Well, I am just person, I can't do much. Just one more cup in millions used every day won't make a difference." Now multiply that one person by several billion and the impact is just huge.

I truly believe that changes happen by an individual making an active choice. Since childhood I was told that if you want to change the world, start with yourself. Don't wait for majority to change, be that change no matter how small as everything starts small to grow big.

Another argument I hear quite often that we cannot influnce what is offered on the shelves in shops and markets. Well, we all know the main law of economics - Demand creates Supply. So as a consumer buying something less and diverting attention to alternative products does have an impact on what is being produced and offered on the market.

Demand creates Supply. As consumers we have power to change range of products on the market by buying something less and diverting attention to alternative more eco-friendly products.

So I am inviting you to make small changes every day, week, month or whenever you can if you haven't done it already. Use your power of being a Consumer. Hope that my experience will help at least tiny bit and even if one person after readin this makes a change, it would mean a world to me and, I am sure, for the environment.

My plan to share one or two changes at a time as I applied those myself earlier. I would be grateful if you have any comments or suggestions, offers and questions. You are most welcome to share your honest opinion, however, let's stay away from selling and advertising for profit or being affiliated with the brand. This space is meant to be just a little help to find alternatives to everyday products that have less impact on the environment.

Unlike this post where I tried to set context and my stance on the matter, I will keep future entries short and to the point as much as possible, providing factual information. And again, I would be grateful for any input from you. They say one head is good, but three is better.

So let's start and give more love to our beautiful Earth! First post is coming this week. :)

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