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About Online Classes

Webinars are Free of charge


Our webinars are free for everyone during these challenging times of COVID-19 quarantine.


Some people found themselves in more difficult situation that others, and I really prefer "money" question not even to be in the equation when deciding if to join a webinar or not.


However, if you wish and in a position to donate a small sum via PayPal or bank card (for cards it is possible to use Guest login) to support our webinars to cover software and other ongoing expenses, it would be highly appreciated.


Thank you in advance for your generosity! <3

Preparing for the class

Per usual all you need to do is to wear comfortable sportswear or soft skirt/pants/shorts and a top.


No shoes required for Belly Dance class. For Circuit training you might want to use sports shoes, however, it is advised to avoid wearing just socks due ensure proper feet grip.

Also you would need to find a spot free of furniture or fragile objects where you can freely stretch your arms full length, it would be about 1.5mx2m square at least.

Usually we don't use any speacial gear unless specified otherwise in a class descrption. However, if you do have a yoga mat, a fitness ball or other equipment, youu are welcome to use it where appropriate.

Online Class Format

Our class in webinar format will be recorded. That recording will be available for everyone at later date and can be replayed as many times as you wish within 2 months.

Bearing that in mind, only presenter screen will be seen for the most portion of the class till Q&A session where. If you have any qustions it is possible to use built-in chat or to activate your camera and microphone to go on air.

At the moment we are using Webinar tool. Mind that website has Russian and English languages which can be switched in the top right corner of the website or app. You have two options to access this webinar - internet browser on any device or an app on mobile devices. Instructions on accessing our online class can be found here.

For Q&A, our last portion of the class, we going to use Go on air button. In the app it is usually shown as a little video camera symbol. This option allows to share screens and use microphones as it is time for us to chat and discuss material learned in class without being in the video recording (unless you wish to do so).


If you want to send me video for feedback and/or questions, you can always rech me via social media private messages, email or such apps as WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook Messenger.