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💫 Spinning Pole: Triangle Spin > Pole Half Seat > Seating Cobra 💫

  1. On the Triangle spin keep your tail bone down (don't stick your bum-bum out), pole is caught between the ankles.

  2. To get into the pole Half Seat just bend one of the knees into a Front Hook and lean back.

  3. Straighten both legs to get into a simple Pole Seat (legs are going to the direction of your movement > if you are spinning to the right, legs go to the right as well).

  4. Once you feel secure, lower your outer arm, fold your body forward, look up and reach the pole with the outside hand to get into the Cobra Seat.

  5. If you wish you can slightly adjust your leg position pushing your top leg in a Front Attitude.

Note: The speed of your spin will change depending on the position, so be ready for a veeery fast Cobra Seat.

Your speed depends on the body position: more compact it is, faster you spin, more space you take in the room, slower you spin.

Sophia Pope


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