About Our Classes

Pole Fitness classes are designed to increase your strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility by learning pole dance technique in a fluid, graceful and controlled manner whilst also doing various conditioning exercises throughout the classes.

Particular attention is paid to gaining a strong core and correct posture which will help to build a well equipped foundation that is required for more advanced movements later.

On top of that, it gives an amazing feeling of flight when defying gravity you get that special trick you were working on for a while or a beautiful spin with a graceful transition into a pose.


Warning: Pole dance is addictive! :)

Pole Fitness is open to everyone and anyone can join the class despite their fitness level or previous experience, however, that experience is not required and complete beginners are always welcome.


What to bring:

Preferable outfit consists of tank top and shorts. No need for heels or other shoes. Any additional gear, such as pole dance tack or non-tack gloves, ankle protectors etc., are optional but not required.

*Due to legal requirements age restriction is 16+, however, younger participants are allowed with a parent's permission.

Graceful, feminine, charming, hypnotizing, elegant, strong, mysterious... All those words are usually used to describe an amazing art of Belly dance.

It is amazing how after some what seem to be easy exercises you feel those abs, leg and arm muscles. Such activity among other things promotes correct breathing and posture, muscle toning, improves blood circulation around internal organs to support their functions. 

This dance style allows and encourages improvisation, layering your own personality and emotions on those base movements and steps making your dance unique. 


​Belly Dance almost have no restrictions in terms of age*, health condition, fitness level, skills, coordination or other characteristics. Whether you danced before or have never done physical exercises at all, You are welcome to join our Bellydance classes and get your shimmy on!

What to bring:

All you need is a sports top/shirt and a pair of soft pants/skirt. The rest we will provide for you in class, including such props as coin and sequin belts, veils, isis wings, veil fans, etc.  


* Due to legal requirements age restriction is 16+, however, younger participants are allowed with a parent's permission.

Pole Fitness


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Dec 11 - Dec 17